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3deluxeThe collective title 3deluxe connotes an interdisciplinary team of about 40 individuals from the fields of architecture, interior design, art, graphic design, media design and product design. On the basis of this broad spectrum of specialist knowledge, 3deluxe devises holistic design solutions that range from graphic identities via media installations to architecture and all boast a coherent aesthetics.

3deluxe’s characteristic, organically inspired visual idiom has proven as much of a style icon in international context as the virtually expanded space concepts and the striking graphic design that redefines the interface between two- and three-dimensionality.

3deluxe was formed in 1992 in Wiesbaden by communication designers Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff as well as interior designer Nikolaus Schweiger and designer Dieter Brell. Since 1999 system modern gmbh – with industrial engineer Peter Seipp as MD – has been responsible for the development, production and management of 3deluxe’s common projects.

Alongside joint interdisciplinary projects the following units work separately in specific fields of functions:

3deluxe graphics – Realisation of graphic and multimedia designs under the direction of Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff.

3deluxe in/exterior -Specialised on interior design and architecture, run by Dieter Brell (until 2005 along with Nik Schweiger) and Peter Seipp (commercial management).

3deluxe motion -Conception of filmic and interactive brand and product presentations. Established in 2006 as collaboration between Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff and communications designer Sascha Koeth.

In 2005 Nik Schweiger left the 3deluxe constellation in Wiesbaden and started his own office 3deluxe biorhythm, trading under the name biorhythm – modern recreation GmbH, in Berlin. He initially contributed to the project “Leonardo Glass Cube” which was completed in 2007.

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