Abel Cahen

About Abel Cahen

Abel Cahen © Fotopersbureau Peter Smulders BVAbel Cahen designed the canal at the Singel 428 (1968) in Amsterdam, the Jewish Historical Museum (1987) in Amsterdam, the building ROB (1988) in Amersfoort and the Institute of Psychiatric Day Treatment in Utrecht. For his design for the Jewish Historical Museum Cahen received the Council of Europe Museum Prize in 1989 and the Institute of Psychiatric Day Treatment Rietveld Prize (1991). Cahen designed the expansion of the Van Abbe Museum in 1991.

Abel Cahen is a passionate and headstrong architect. His designs often provide the necessary agitation. While choosing the materials for the City of Cahen, Cahen deliberately chose for example contrast. Cahen has, as he himself says, “one brother who died of historical architecture.” Precisely by means of contrast you achieve harmony, he says. That’s the reason why the City of Cahen is built with white concrete blocks and not traditional bricks.

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