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Atelier du PontAtelier du Pont is a multipolar agency that combines public and private projects, architecture and town planning, interiors and exteriors, and reinvents itself with each new commission and encounter, developing an individual response to each specific context. This is a creative, serious, subtle interplay using a wide variety of colours, materials and styles to create spaces that are appropriate and imaginative, both outside time and of their time, life-enhancing for their users and inspiring for their designers.

Since the agency was established, it has completed a range of public facilities all over France and built a large number of housing projects for social funding agencies and private property developers. These experiences have given the agency the opportunity to operate in a variety of occasionally difficult contexts and sites.

Atelier du Pont’s predilections are for housing, town planning, rehabilitation, public facilities, residences and interior design, a gamut of practices where there is no room for habit or repetitiveness.

The agency is located in an old warehouse in a leafy cul-de-sac in the heart of Paris’ 12th arrondissement. The place is clear, calm, an inner garden enables everyone to enjoy meals together in good weather and partake in gung-ho ping-pong matches.Atelier du Pont is a founding member of the Plan01 collective who created in 2008 the office of eco-design Plan02.

The agency is also a founding member of French Touch which publishes the Annuel Optimiste d’architecture and takes part in numerous exhibitions scenography.Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier and Stéphane Pertusier are chartered architects. She trained at University of Paris 7 – Tolbiac, while they studied at ENSAIS in Strasbourg. Together, the three of them founded Atelier du Pont in 1997. They form a trio that is complementary, diverse and united. They work together, decide together and have the same tastes, despite being very different.

There are currently about 30 staff members and the team regularly welcomes interns from all kinds of backgrounds.

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