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Batteriid ArchitectsBatteriid Architects Ltd. is a consulting architectural firm, founded in 1988, with a broad range of experience in building design and planning. The company benefits from highly trained and well-educated employees that emphasize innovative ideas and creative design solutions.

The company’s expertise is a comprehensive knowledge of adjusting buildings to local environment and climate, Universal Design as well Occupational Safety & Health. The goal is that every completed project demonstrates this aspect as well as the company´s policy.

Important factors in the company´s effort to perform outstanding services is our advanced knowledge and competence in applying 3D/BIM tools in our design and a strong infrastructure based on SharePoint and the international quality assurance system ISO 9001.

The company has also taken a big step towards sustainable design as beeing one of the so called Nordic Built-ambassadors who recently signed the Nordic Built Charter i Copenhagen where they commit to implementing 10 principles in their strategy and work, and taking the necessary steps to deliver competitive solutions for sustainable construction.

Since 1995 Batteríið Architects has performed independent research in the field of climatic adjustments of the built environment. The firm has access to prominent specialists and it’s consulting services in the field of climatic design adjustments is one of a kind in Iceland.

The importance of accessibility is highly appraised by the firm and consultancy within the field of Universal Design is superior. Batteríið Architects is the proud author of the book “Aðgengi fyrir alla,” the first Icelandic reference manual for Accessibility and Universal Design.

Batteríið Architects has an advantage in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. The firm´s employees receive special training and have adopted the methodology of design and supervision for safety in the workplace. The firm´s project managers are trained in intermediating work permit applications and collaborating with Safety Inspectorates, providing the firm with precious working knowledge.

Batteríið Architects has since 2004 cooperated cross border with architectural & engineering consultants as well as contractors: Batteríið Architects, through its subsidiary company TBL Architects, was the responsible architect for the design of the new 355 thousand tons Alcoa Aluminum Smelter in Iceland for the international contractor Bechtel intl.

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