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Chiasmus PartnersChiasmus Partners is an atelier office founded in New York City in 2005. It is now based in Beijing and Seoul. We are a young firm that has always been seeking the alternative approach of architecture, adopting a site-specific design strategy of “less could be more”, as opposed to the “bigger is better, more twisting is better” trend that seem to be sweeping across China and Asia at large currently.

In the past few years we have complete a series of important projects using this approach, the millennium theater (a 100,000 sq.ft performance center in Beijing), the Red Diamond (a dance theater in the hutong district of Beijing) ,etc.

Currently we have a series of interesting projects; from a new Chinese traditional art museum in Shanghai, an renovation of the oldest concrete structure in Shanghai (formerly the British consulate) an ecological office building in north China, large hospitality development in Hainan ,etc.
We are seeking young, devoted, talented designers who are crazy about architecture, excited about what architecture can do to change our world, and believe in the power.

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