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Coelacanth K&H ArchitectsCoelacanth K&H Architects hope that their architecture exists as a background of people’s activity, not as a monument.

Their job is to make the most of the condition such as light, wind, land features and urban environment that site has already had and to pass history of human and place onto the future.

Well observation on the present condition is essential not to miss the key sign.
They read the fragment indicating the future like archaeologists discover the remains from tiny clue and want to design new atmosphere.

Coelacanth K&H Architects think architecture is to design human’s various activities, from single to many people. They are fluid, diverse and multidirectional.

To create not a uniform space suited for one activity but a flexible and changeable space with multipurpose is our focus.

Architecture is suggested and found a shape by client, but user is not client in many cases.
Coelacanth K&H Architects design the city as a voice of present and future users and one of the citizens watching street.

Architects should see the architecture in the global time and design the buildings considering its life, energy consumption and demolition.

They believe that to create an agreeable environment using natural light and wind, not depending on the fossil fuel is one of our important jobs.

Feature of materials, performance, cost, cultural background and texture, gives them a hint to compose architecture.
They make continuous efforts to examine how to use new material and device means of using it.

Kazumi Kudo + Hiroshi Horiba

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