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Concrete Architectural AssociatesConcrete Architectural AssociatesΒ founded in 1997 builds identities, is a multi-disciplinary creative office. From urban planning till interior design, from architecture to product design.

According to Concrete, translating functionality and ease of use always depends on the given situation. Function has no definitive style. A museum needs a different design solution than a coffee bar does, or a school or casino. And in outward appearance, they are nothing like each other.

Good design always starts with good analysis. A truly functional design must always be accompanied by an appropriate and stimulating concept. We live in a rapidly changing world with new lifestyles that demand radically different solutions than those that were offered one or two generations ago.

More often than not, these solutions represent a complete break with existing, traditional types of designs for buildings and interiors. Concrete believes that the direction of this innovatory movement is clearly moving towards pure analysis and a highly consistent design concept. That is why Concrete’s designs are both obvious and yet, simultaneously, unexpected. The basis for this successful approach – according to Concrete – is the lack of distinction between the expressiveness of the different design disciplines.

Concrete hosts different disciplines such as product and interior designers, architects, visual marketeers and now an urban planning/ architectural firm too. Concrete’s deliberate choice of breaking away from traditional hierarchies and the dominant forces which dictate the design process today, gives our agency unprecedented freedom.

Concrete derives the inspiration, influence and conceptual impetus for its designs from today’s modern world. Concrete’s designers want to be inspired not just by modern art but by comics too, by ideas from the world of architecture and multimedia, by haute cuisine and the snack bar.

They appear contradictory, but, in this collision, the perfect expression of our post-modern age can be found.

That is precisely why Concrete’s designs are so stimulating. Concrete’s work is smoothly seductive with a rough edge, wild but with restraint, still in its fierceness, bombastic with style, in your face but poetic, alluring with reserve, hard to get but available, dramatic with a knowing wink, tragicomic and contritely sensual.

In short, Concrete’s work is realistic and yet absurd. Concrete is contemporary and forward-looking.

Concrete is honest and sticks to its word. Concrete seeks out the clients’ real passion and ambition, and works closely with them to discover their real motives and their true corporate philosophy.

Concrete’s designers are able to transform this ambition and philosophy into constructed environments, and they are not satisfied until the plan results in the best possible business outcome for their clients.

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