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Donovan HillDonovan Hill was a Brisbane based architecture firm that was founded by Brian Donovan, Timothy Hill in 1992. The firm built their reputation primarily from its large array of work in Brisbane , with their firm growing from a workforce of 4 to 50 within their 17 year existence. Donovan Hill was a firm that designed with the consideration of a buildings environmental impact and life cycle. The majority of their commissions have been commercial, institutional and civic buildings which allowed the firm to explore design concepts in relating to interior fit out, landscape and master planning.

In 2013 Donovan Hill merged with BVN Architecture to form BVN Donovan Hill, now called BVN.
BVN Architecture approaches every project knowing that each business is different and each company culture unique. We seek to facilitate the expression of a company’s personality (brand) through the collaborative process, so that the physical environment is an articulation of its culture.

Ultimately, the way things “look” is the result of a collaboration between client, design team, project teams and users. The way things “work” is a result of the assimilation process, not derived from an arbitrary idea of how things should “look”.
A strong architectural practice is constantly in the process of evolution, change and progression.

With a 90 year history and an international reputation for design leadership and innovation,
we are constantly evolving to suit contemporary needs and expectations.

BVN is one of Australia’s largest architectural practices, widely acknowledged for award-winning design across a broad and diverse portfolio in Australia and overseas.

We are a national and international practice working as one, integrated studio. Our innovative technology infrastructure enables individuals in different studios to work on the same project in real time and draw upon the collective resources, and specialist skills and expertise within the practice. This ‘one studio’ model also means that the right people are matched to each project, irrespective of geographical location.

Our architectural engagement ranges from civic and institutional projects to office and residential design, tourism projects, industrial developments, master planning and urban design.

Unique to our practice is the collaborative, collegiate approach amongst the design team.
This approach ensures each design is informed by a diversity of voices, depth of skill and breadth of experience.

The practice has a powerful pool of design talent and a strong studio design culture. The 2012 merger with Donovan Hill further strengthens the rich mix of skills and experience within the practice, allowing BVN to participate in the broadest range of architectural projects.

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