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Founded in Egypt in 1979 with only five employees, Hamza Associates has grown to an internationally recognized multidiscipline engineering consultancy with a professional staff of more than 500 architects, engineers, planners, and those that support them. Our staff’s collective knowledge and experience is shared on each and every project – whether complex challenges or small specialized projects – to ensure that each client receives our commitment to quality, thoughtful planning, creative problem solving, and technical excellence on time.

Integrity always comes first. It is the solid, watertight foundation upon which Hamza Associates was built. Our integrity, combined with our uncompromising commitment to our clients’ best interests, has made us one of the leading engineering consulting firms in Egypt.

With energy and passion we strive to provide nothing less than the highest quality and most cost-effective engineering solutions for our clients. The quality of our work is the result of a synergy of our commitment to our clients, technical experience, and innovation.

It is these values upon which our company has thrived. It is adherence to these values that will lead to our continued growth and distinction.

Superior performance is the keystone of a leading company and the premise upon which Hamza Associates was established and continues to excel. It is also the philosophy that is ingrained in the hearts of our valued and trusted employees, who are dedicated to continue the organization’s success for generations to come.

Hamza Associates architects, engineers, planners, technical experts, and the staff that support them are our most valuable assets. Selective recruiting ensures that only those professionals who have attained the highest level of education and achievement in their fields join our organization.

We provide our staff with the latest technological resources, as well as internal and external training to expand their knowledge and abilities, and then continually encourage them to demonstrate their talents. This philosophy enables us to retain a workforce that is comprised of many of the best performers in the industry, locally and regionally.

Most of our senior engineers and other professionals have postgraduate degrees from universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Our clients benefit from their diverse international backgrounds and knowledge of international standards and codes of practice, in addition to a rich pool of linguistic capabilities.

Through the collective achievements of our staff we have built a solid reputation as a company that delivers innovative solutions to some of civil engineering’s toughest challenges.

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