Harald Opitz

About Harald Opitz

Harald OpitzHarald Opitz is a chilian architect.

Harald Opitz speak about his architectural projects and architecture in general: When start the design of the project, the most important challenge was use, recycled wood, and think in new ways to applications for create a skin and generate a closer relation between the building and the forest.The technology now is different, and that help in the construction process and the design, that is true, but, I think the project recognizes centenary techniques and mixes with contemporary technologies , and used energy to the nature for operation.

For Harald Opitz, the society now is more consent of the importance of the nature and the architecture has the responsibility to make project in that direction.

The value of the material in the architecture, was essential for the design process of this project, today many architect have special concern about this, and the discover of new applications is job for the future.

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