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Helen & Hard StudioHelen & Hard Studio was founded in 1996 in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway by Norwegian architect Siv Helene Stangeland and Austrian architect Reinhard Kropf. Today, the company has a youthful staff of 20 drawn from 8 different countries, with offices in both Stavanger and Oslo.

Helen & Hard Studio design in different scales and scopes, on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from single family houses to large public buildings, from offices and multi-family housing projects to master planning.

Helen & Hard Studio aim to creatively engage with sustainability, not only in the design of spaces, but also in the conception and organization of the design process, including construction and fabrication. Our goal is move away from a solely technical and anthropocentric view, allowing the project to unfold in relation to its physical, social, cultural and economic context.

Helen & Hard Studio is advised by the following board members:
Petter Skavlan, screenwriter
Herman Blumer, engineer, Creation Holz
Marius Sandvik, CEO, Sandviks Publishing

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