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Ian Simpson Architects (now named SimpsonHaugh and Partners) want to create great architecture and work with people who share that vision.

They are committed to design excellence.

They aim to design buildings and spaces that are appropriate, inspirational, beautiful and exciting.

Since the practice was founded by Rachel Haugh and Ian Simpson in 1987, it has compiled an impressive portfolio of award-winning projects. It originated from a shared belief in the power of high quality design to lead the regeneration of post-industrial cities and initiate new contemporary architectural identities. As projects have increased in scale over the last 20 years, these original values have matured and been reinforced such that they remain the practice’s guiding principles.

The underlying themes of urban renewal, sustainability and design excellence unite an otherwise diverse range of building functions and solutions. Similarly, the completed work demonstrates that the practice’s regeneration objectives are equally valid whether applied to new buildings or to existing historic structures.
A recurring challenge of the practice’s work has been the need to confront appropriate forms for emerging typologies. Its innovative solutions for public galleries, transport interchanges and high density living have both challenged normative design responses and contributed positive new precedents.

While the success of its completed work and a growing reputation for design integrity has allowed the practice to expand, Rachel and Ian remain personally involved in each project. Consequently, the inspiration in design and the attention to detail in construction that have stimulated the achievements of the practice so far will continue to guide the ambition and quality of its schemes in the future.

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