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Our practice has evolved from a smaller studio into a larger collaborative environment where every project has a range of creative, technical and strategic contributions from a diversity of architects and interior designers within John Wardle Architects. Beyond the office, our engagement with others is similarly inclusive, always curious to understand another’s point of view.

Many projects by John Wardle Architects have been highly awarded. This includes twice being recognised with the prestigious Sir Zelman Cowen Award for best public building in Australia in 2002 and 2006 by the Australian Institute of Architects. John Wardle Architects has also won the Harold Desbrowe-Annear Award for best residential project on three occasions and has twice been the recipient of the Victorian Architecture Medal.

The working of the practice of John Wardle Architects is collaborative. The unique, collective skills of the office are brought together to create and explain new design solutions, manage cost, time, quality and construction. Together we interact productively with all project participants, from the client, and their representatives, through to the many and varied individuals that craft the material of a building. This studio model is both creative and efficient – each individual acts as a catalyst for the creative leap, and for the efficient translation of an idea into reality.

John Wardle ArchitectsJohn Wardle
John Wardle founded John Wardle Architects in 1986. John has led the growth of our architectural practice from small dwellings to university buildings, museums, public spaces, high-density housing and large commercial offices. He has an international reputation as a designer who understands both the detail of human occupation and the big picture of civic ideas. John leads the conceptual design of all projects in collaboration with a close knit team.

Highly perceptive to the unique character of every project, John also has an innate understanding of the finer scale of materials. His conceptual sketches are known for their densely overlaid nature, a search for the right line for each and every circumstance.

John is an Adjunct Professor in Architecture at both the University of Melbourne and the University of South Australia. He is a frequent lecturer and speaker, guest critic, AIA Awards jury member and contributor to the architecture community locally and internationally.

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