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clip Klas Anshelm

Total Projects from Klas Anshelm: 1

Klas Anshelm was a Swedish architect and artist. He was especially effective with buildings for industry and science. In Lund he was responsible with a great number of public buildings including the Lund University.

Klas Anshelm studied architecture at Chalmers University 1936-1940 after having worked as a builder and reading in courses. After completing architectural degree there in 1940, he was hired by Hans Westman in Lund where he wirked fo four years. By his moving to Stockholm he was hired by the architectural firm Wejke & Ödéen. Gunnar Wejke - who was head of the construction board's investigative department - made sure Anshelm was commissioned to design for the University of Lund, who was facing a major expansion.

His architecture is built in a brick tradition of supporting massive outer walls of brick. Brick was also the material that Hans Westman at the time were using. Klas Anshelm came from the late 1940s to be part of the backlash that followed the 1940s nostalgic regionalism with its architecture in concrete and brick. He was not retired for the use of raw and unprocessed materials, which have gave a heavy buildings and astringent character. Anshelm inspired by Melchior Wernstedt and Sigurd Lewerentz. Wernstedt was Anshelm teacher at Chalmers.

  • Address: S:t Johannesgatan 7, MALMÖ, Sweden
  • Latitude: 55.59540
  • Longitude: 12.99919