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Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten was established in 2001 by Mechthild Stuhlmacher and Rien Korteknie. The office is based in Rotterdam and has been able to realise a number of projects of various scales that have been extensively published internationally and that have been awarded several international architectural prices. Significant aspects of the work of the architects are a genuine interest for sustainability and spatial quality, an outspoken use of materials, specific care and attention for landscape and urban context and an open mind towards aspects of appropriation and use. Most projects so far have been realised for a limited budget, have been designed from inside out and include the participation of the users. Besides their work for the practice both architects are engaged in a number of research- and teaching projects, activities that influence both the ambition behind and the content of the realised projects.

Currently the office works with an international team of architects on a range of different projects including new buildings and renovations for schools of different kinds and sizes and several private houses.

We want to make buildings with character. Healthy, useful and pleasant buildings with beautiful light, good proportions and distinct shapes. We want to make buildings that feel generous, robust and inviting; sustainable buildings with natural, solid materials; buildings that fit into city, landscape and our time and age gracefully. We want to make timeless spaces to house all kinds of people and activities, whether we are dealing with large or small commissions, with or without budget, for temporary or permanent use, public or private. We want to work on an architecture that allows for improvisation, adaptation and change.

Office established: 2001

Operating fields:
housing, experimental housing, public buildings for education, sports and culture, commercial buildings, urbanism, art in public space

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