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clip Les Architectes FABG

Total Projects from Les Architectes FABG: 6

Les Architectes FABGLes Architectes FABG, is an office on Montreal in Canada, formed by architects Andre Brodeur, Eric Gauthier and Andre Lavoie. Already on the market for some time, they have a huge list of prizes, besides an excellent portfolio, especially the beautiful cultural and institutional projects.

With its elegant architecture their projects are distinguished by use of the structure as an aesthetic factor, taking advantage of the way for both internal and external use. Another quality of the works is the attention to details of architecture, where the indoor spaces are already perfectly decorated even before the placement of furniture, which is also very well done!


  • Project Name: Centre Communautaire Pierrefonds
  • Construction year: 2010
  • Architect(s): Les Architectes FABG
  • Project Category:
  • Address: 14068, boulevard Gouin Ouest, MONTREAL, Canada
  • Latitude: 45.4955
  • Longitude: -73.8511
  • Address: 270 Boulevard de l'Ange-Gardien, L'Assomption, MONTREAL, Canada
  • Latitude: 45.8281
  • Longitude: -73.4225
  • Address: 20 chemin du Tour-de-l’Isle, MONTREAL, Canada
  • Latitude: 45.5189
  • Longitude: -73.5372
  • Address: 201 rue Berlioz, Verdun, MONTREAL, Canada
  • Latitude: 45.4595
  • Longitude: -73.5444
  • Address: 100 Avenue des Pins Est, MONTREAL, Canada
  • Latitude: 45.5163
  • Longitude: -73.574