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Logon Architecture

Logon Architecture 's mission is always to exceed our customer expectations by delivering a successful solution, perfectly tailored to location and context.

Logon Architecture is a German-based international design office that specializes in integrating urban planning, architecture and landscape disciplines to provide solutions perfectly tailored to the given location and context.

The roots of Logon Architecture in Germany date back to 2001. Since then, as demand has grown for full-service tailored solutions, so has logon. Identifying a maturing need for profitable, high quality construction design within the Chinese market, Logon Architecture began to work in China in 2001 as an architecture and urban design service provider to private, and public (national or governmental) investors. To facilitate developing business in China mainland, Logon Architecture Shanghai office was founded in 2005. Today, the office is managed by Wang Fang and Frank Krueger,and features more than 50 full-time staff work.

Since its beginnings, Logon Architecture has upheld its vision to design to truly embrace the needs of the end-user. This vision is enabled namely thanks to the use of German processes and quality standards but also to the commitment of logon to continuously preempt needs, namely through the research work of the in-house logon lab.

Currently, the Shanghai design office provides a full-service offering in a wide range of architectural sectors, and has successfully participated in over 160 projects all across China. In October 2009, Logon Architecture was ranked 12th position of top foreign architectural design firms in China by industry magazine “di”.

Logon Architecture is led by an experienced and complementary German-Chinese leadership team, known to think “outside the box” and yet perfectly adjust to the Chinese market. That is because we commit to giving the client the best of Europe and China by pairing skilled Chinese and Western professionals, who together leverage solid cultural, legal and empirical understanding of the local market with strong knowledge of world-class design.


  • Address: Building 8, 685 Changjiang Xi Road, Baoshan District, SHANGHAI, China
  • Latitude: 31.2304
  • Longitude: 121.474
  • Address: Building 8, 685 Changjiang Xi Road, Baoshan District, SHANGHAI, China
  • Latitude: 31.2304
  • Longitude: 121.474