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clip Maurer United Architects

Total Projects from Maurer United Architects: 2

Maurer United Maurer United is known for investigating and redefining the borders of the architecture design-field, resulting into architecture, design, media and urbanism projects on various scales. Since 1998 Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer have received several awards and nominations for their cooperative work. They have tutored at different academies and universities in the Netherlands. Their works – architecture, public spaces, interior design and art installations – have been realized all around the world, i.e. the Netherlands, Germany, USA and China.

Maurer United is based in the laboratory department of the Maastricht Jan van Eyck Academy and works closely with the range of laboratories that is affiliated to this post-academic art institute. The institute building (by Dutch architect Frits Peutz,1958) was recently updated according to a renovation and conversion plan by Maurer United.

Maurer United works with a dedicated team of skilled researchers, designers and engineers.


  • Address: Goltsteinkuppe, INDEN, Germany
  • Latitude: 50.8499
  • Longitude: 6.36786
  • Address: Goltsteinkuppe, INDEN, Germany
  • Latitude: 50.8499
  • Longitude: 6.36786