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Mendaro CorsiniArchitect by the School of Architecture of Madrid (1974)
Mendaro Corsini collaborated with Julio Cano Lasso for nearly a decade, and begins to understand that such a complicated thing is the “architecture” and how it related to the person.

For 18 years Mendaro Corsini teaches projects at the School of Architecture of Madrid, and that stage really serves to tell what should be pursued in the design process, trying to convey what remains in the architecture, to at least see it coming.

Those years construction projects going mad of Spain, saving you not to fall in excessive whims and temptations, remembering that his works should respond to consistency with teaching.

Although it is well aware, the phrase de Quevedo, speaking of comedy … “I write for art that invented the vulgar applause tried, because as paid by the vulgar, it is fair to speak foolish to give them taste” and ever good it did.

Over the years recapitulating the teaching time, Mendaro Corsini realizes that was not bad, that a significant volume of large and young contemporary architects have attended classes, and that is what now remains.

At 36, Mendaro Corsini won the National Competition for the Temple of San Marcos in Toledo, with hard work, but very symbolic and representative of a World Heritage Site.

The evolution of this project in a very long time adapted to the circumstances and was using that mark the respective politicians responsible for the architecture of a place so committed, and all these requirements, were as distilling, into an essence continues to cause a referential recognition.

Simultaneously, Mendaro Corsini developed projects in the small artisan study, significant works, such as the Palacio de Congresos de Tarragona, Cáceres Veterinary Hospital, The Bus Station Talavera de La Reina …

In ’96 Mendaro Corsini rethinks its business understands that you must select their chores, a stroke almost cut his life.

In ’98 Mendaro Corsini let the teaching and some exceedingly unpleasant work, preferring the solitude of his studio monitor only those that make you happy (without having never regretted this decision). In this period Mendaro Corsini gets enough awards to maintain the operating voltage needed for years to make good architecture.

In 2004, the teaching bug causes him to accept deal of the project department of the School of Engineering of Cagliari in Sardinia until 2006, an endearing experience in human and architectural what happens in a special Mediterranean island knowledge.And it’s funny how almost always in a teaching phase, significant projects are conceived to coincide with several of them.

Practically all their work draws from the world of competitions, and you can understand the merit of working for 36 years offering and sometimes getting what is truly important in the work of our profession is … DO ARCHITECTURE.

This long process would be unthinkable without the participation of many, always bright, young architects collaborators who once sought their way, but they are a very active present.

Currently, he manages the life last project, the extraordinary experience of the Historical Archives of the State of Oaxaca and the remodeling of Parque de las Canteras, and what matters more; learn about those directly responsible for such an extraordinary foundation as is the Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation.

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