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NAÇO ArchitectureSince the creation of Naço Paris, in 1991, his founder, the architect Marcelo Joulia knew and decided that architecture would not be the only ground of adventures of the agency. But, more widely, all which composes our global environment, its spaces, volumes and signs: architecture, interior architecture, design, graphic design, multimedia, fashion, events, scenography…

The whole articulated on a real control of new technologies. And with an important part of naço’s activity exclusively dedicated to research and to explore new boundaries. An independant laboratory where insight, imagination, feeling, sensibility and freedom which feed creation, dedicated to: rigour, mastery and innovation…
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Naço Paris (since 1991)
Naço [Paris] is a strong multicultural team, multidisciplinary and complementary skills. Marcelo Joulia architect and manager, travels regularly to China and Argentina, and is heavily involved in projects undertaken by the three agencies.

Naço Shanghai (since 2005)
Naço [Shanghai] est une agence jeune et dynamique, représentatif de cette capitale en plein boom. L’agence se situe au sein de l’ancienne concession française (bridge 8) de Shanghai, un endroit bien connu des créateurs, et des studios de design.

Naço [Shanghai] is a young and dynamic team, representative of this booming town. The agency is located in the former French concession (bridge 8) from Shanghai, a well-known place by designers and design studios.

Naço Buenos Aires (since 2008)
Naço [Buenos Aires] is an architectural office from 8 people full of energy and creativity. Located in the heart of the historical district of Palermo, the agency benefits and enriches Naço of an American culture.

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