Officina del Disegno

About Officina del Disegno

Officina del Disegno is an architectural firm that specializes in the design from the urban scale to the interior design. Officina del Disegno was founded in 2005 by architect Firouz Galdo, with architects Filippo Felli and Carmelo Costanzo, who work for several years in the field of design. The study, based in Rome, is a “workshop” or rather a research laboratory that uses permanent collaborators for the preparation of technical papers and specialized consultancy services in the fields of landscape, graphic, structural design, engineering, acoustics, economy.

Officina del DisegnoFirouz Galdo

Rome. On October 18 2012, died of an incurable disease, Firouz Galdo. Born in Tehran in 1960 to Italian parents, Galdo was known as the architect of the art, having been its projects for some environments Exhibition Palace, the seat of the Roman Gagosian, the Fondazione Giuliani and, in Rome, Collection for the Cerasi Barillari

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