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clip Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni

Total Projects from Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni: 1

Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni The architects Vojteh Ravnikar and Robert Potokar worked together from 1990.
In 2000 they moved their office closer to the city centre of Ljubljana, to 8 Rimska Street.
Three years later, in 2003, they established the company Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro d.o.o. Since the death of the architect Vojteh Ravnikar in 2010, the office has been run by Robert Potokar.

The Ravnikar Potokar architectural office is engaged in a range of activities including architectural design, interior design and urban planning projects. In co-operation with other experts and consultants it can also design complex and demanding projects. The majority of its commissioned projects result from winning architectural and urban planning competitions. The office team consists of skilled architects with several years of experience and several students trying to acquire some experience. At the moment, 15 architects and up to 10 students are working in the office.


  • Address: Presernova Cesta 33, BLED, Slovenia
  • Latitude: 46.3707
  • Longitude: 14.1092