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clip René van Zuuk Architekten bv

Total Projects from René van Zuuk Architekten bv: 2

René van ZuukRené van Zuuk Architekten bv is an office that works on diversity of projects since 1992. The work process is characterized by a search for a building system that connects to the program requirements and the context of the specific task.

René van Zuuk Architekten bv think that the design process always starts with the making of a urban model of the site. In this model, the shape and the size of the building is determined in relation to the surroundings. During this phase the concept is formed and the first idea for the constrcution system. Then spatial structures and physical layouts are examined at the level of the building. This is done via use of models and 2D / 3D computer drawings. The advantage of computer graphics is the high dimensional stability while the models offers more design flexibility. Both methods have their own contribution to the process. In this stage the design is further developed in strong relation with the concept. The concept is also a leading role in the further development and detailing of the project.

Sustainability is not an end in itself but is fully incorporated into the design, like the aspects previously described. Aspects like adaptability, energy and environmental issues are regarded for a sustainable design. But also the complete appearance of the building contributes to this. A special building makes people find ways to preserve the building.

René van Zuuk Architekten bv stands for realizing cost-conscious designs with high architectural quality. Each project has its own language and character. In order to ensure this quality René van Zuuk Architekten bv are involved in the entire construction process, from the initial design sketch to its completion.