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Hideo SasakiHideo Sasaki was internationally respected as a landscape architect, planner, teacher, and mentor. He instilled the firm he founded with a spirit of critical thinking and open inquiry. He pioneered the concept of interdisciplinary planning and design. Hideo insisted that every project be put in its cultural, historical, geographical, environmental, social, and economic context—an approach that is even more important today than it was then.

In 1953 Hideo founded the firm that would evolve into Sasaki Associates, and in the same year he joined the faculty at Harvard. He was educated at the University of California, Berkeley and at the University of Illinois, as well as at Harvard. As chairman of Harvard’s Landscape Architecture Department from 1958 until 1968, Hideo helped revolutionize the study of landscape architecture by tying it to the larger issues of planning and by breaking down the traditional barriers between practice and teaching. He invited busy practitioners in a variety of disciplines to teach briefly in his department, enriching the curriculum and connecting it to the real world. He brought promising students into his firm, and they put his practical, interdisciplinary approach into action.

Throughout the last six decades, Sasaki has made an indelible mark on the built world around us. We work in our own local community, throughout the U.S., and around the globe. We have garnered over 500 national and international design awards across all firm disciplines.

Sasaki Associates continues to evolve. Our professionals are engaged in architecture, interior design, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, strategic planning, graphic design, and civil engineering. All disciplines are represented in the ownership and management of the firm, giving our work a practical dimension that focuses on designing projects that are buildable. Our office is vibrant and dynamic, featuring open workspaces that reflect our dedication to collaboration and facilitate the synergistic process.

We honor the memory of Hideo Sasaki and continually strive to expand upon the unique way of working that is his legacy. Our innovative approach, boundless curiosity, and passion for what we do infuses each of our projects and propels us into the future.

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