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SeARCHSeARCH is a dynamic architecture and urban design bureau based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with an international portfolio.In 2002, Bjarne Mastenbroek founded SeARCH, and with director, Uda Visser, has been successfully designing projects in the Netherlands and abroad. With a team of international architects and designers SeARCH is able to expand on its already broad portfolio.SeARCH stands for Stedenbouw en ARCHitectuur (Urban Planning & Architecture). Our projects are conceived as landscapes – the most essential and generous element. Without boundaries, landscapes are endless and open; they connect architecture with the urban, interior with exterior.

Through careful consideration of the surrounding environment, SeARCH is able to introduce a high degree of sustainability and awareness into our projects. As Dutch architects, we are well aware of the scarcity of land and believe strongly in using this resource more intelligently in order to give ‘nature’ more space to survive. SeARCH’s focus is on architecture and its relationship to its surroundings, not just contextually but integrally. SeARCH believes in collaboration; with clients, users, and specialists. This sets the stage to create innovative, original and unexpected design solutions. Research into new building methods, products & materials is a natural extension of our work.

SeARCH works on architectural projects and urban planning and researches new building products & materials.The different scale levels in our design projects all have the same ‘weight of importance’ for SeARCH and are developed simultaneously from the first sketch on. The division between architecture, landscape and  urban planning, detail and technique, is therefore not relevant. This does not mean a project can not be limited to one, or to several of these scale levels. It is important however, to create logical transitions between them.To SeARCH architecture and urban planning are always supportive.Good architecture ads an extra dimension to a building but it never takes over the primary functions.It stimulates people to be more aware of their surroundings and can even help to improve their functioning and joy in life.

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