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Symbiosis Designs LTDSymbiosis Designs LTD adopts a very unique approach to projects unlike any other within the architecture/engineering industry. Projects are viewed as morphological living entities, which start from an entrepreneurial epiphany, evolve to a business vision, tested against market demand and feasibility study, further evolve to product or service with physical environmental demands, to brand and marketing definition, to operation that include staffing, logistical mapping, procedures, etc. The list is extensive and expansive depending on the project typology. All layers are considered as “architecting”, hence the concept of “Total Architecture.”

Of course our primary expertise tackles design and engineering with focus on technical innovation and novel designs elevating the culture of architecture and urbanity; however our extensive hands-on experience with many projects from constituting a vision as an answer to an opportunity to launching operations gives us a serious advantage when a client requires true systematic and methodical empathy. Several success stories stand witness to our name with projects handled from a spark of an idea to realization and operations. Some are simple such as high-end exclusive residential building, to innovative cultural hospitality concepts, to alternative approach to high level education and to sizable health and recreational projects.

Symbiosis Designs LTD has developed several businesses in their total requirements, relaying on dynamic buildings, which emerged as successful brands. Invented projects, from names to buildings and operations include the renowned Blue Fig Restaurants and Cafes, Vy recreational club, The Village mixed-use project and Villa Heights residential project. No detail was left out of the total architectural process including far and peripheral tasks to traditional architecture such as recipes, operational software, financial set-up, staffing, branding and marketing material, etc. With each project, whether invented in-house or not, our team aims to leave a total legacy, reflective of total architecture, always in favor of its fortune and that of the client and his own clients.

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