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ThinkOTSWhat separates us from the other creative or exhibition designers out there? Just who do we think we are? We’re ThinkOTS. What’s in a name, you ask? It stands for think outside the square and that’s just what we do.

ThinkOTS are not a big company and look to work with clients who want to create something different; something that works and something that defines them, their brand and their experience.

Our work is based on a little idea we’ve coined a name for – narrative design. It means we look for the story that will pique your audience’s interest and encourage them to dig deeper to find out more. It forms the basis of everything we do, from a major world expo pavilion to a small interpretive exhibit.

ThinkOTS believe that the story we create should work across all media, starting with social media. Using the narrative design approach, we break down your story and turn it into a journey of three acts – just like a good film. Through an ongoing creative ‘workshopping’ relationship with our clients and project team, we create rich immersive experiences.

Experience is important. Our team is internationally awarded and acknowledged for innovation, creativity and our commitment to excellence. Proudly Australian owned, we operate all over our great country and across the world. Our people infuse passion into every project.

Valued clients and partners describe the ThinkOTS team as passionate and practical, fresh and experienced, and fun yet deadly serious about delivering the very best.

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