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Unsangdong ArchitectsUnsangdong Architects Cooperation is the experimental group organized to realize conceptual architecture with variable possibilities of cultural contents. The main research and project of Unsangdong is based on the diversity of architecture. In the nearest 2007, Unsangdong received AR Awards from Architectural Review which is world-famous architectural award. Unsangdong received Vanguard Award from Architectural Record that is awarded to innovative architect in the world in 2006.as the first lecturer amongst the Korean architects. Also we gave a lecture for RIBA in 2008. Jang introduced the idea of ‘space coordinator’ and showed experimental works at ‘Ssamzie Project’, the Seoul Museum of Art ‘Cheonggyechun’ exhibition and the ‘Preliminary Alert’ exhibition. ion to the Unsangdong architects cooperation.

Jang Yoon Gyoo
Principal of Unsangdong Architect Cooperation, Professor at Kookmin University, Representative of Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, Korea

Jang Yoon Gyoo was born in 1964. Graduated in Architecture from Seoul National University and its graduated school. Awarded in Shinkenchiku Takiron International Competition. UIA Barcelona International Design Competition and nominated one of 13 Finalists Israel Rabin Peace Plaza International competition. He was selected one of 40 noteworthy international architects by Japanese Journal ’10+1′. Presently a professor at the school of architecture. KookMin University, and a representative of Gallery Jungmiso as establishment to extend cultural codes passing over architecture. Also leading a new architectural experiment by changing the atelier Jang Yoon Gyoo for theory & experimentation to the Unsangdong Architects Cooperation.

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