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Weddle Gilmore Black Rock Studio is an architecture and urban planning practice focused on realizing designs that are responsive to the different cultural, economic, and environmental influences that are discovered at each project site.  We believe that it is through the study of specific site conditions and patterns that one discovers an appropriate and meaningful design.

We are committed to designing projects that identify, clarify, and reveal an overall sense of place; whether that place be the complex–yet seemingly austere–Sonoran desert, or the collage of past and present in the reflecting glass of Europe’s haute couture storefronts.  With projects completed both domestically and abroad, Black Rock Studio has been recognized for design excellence across a range of private and public design projects that have positively contributed to the client’s bottom line, and enhanced the public good.

Philip Weddle

Philip co-founded Weddle Gilmore Black Rock Studio in 1999 with partner Michael Gilmore. Philip’s completed projects in fields of architecture and urban planning demonstrate his unique approach to discovering appropriate responses to site development across a range of ecological and urban contexts. Committed to the public good, Philip has actively sought out project opportunities that directly benefit underserved and culturally diverse communities. Through the projects he undertakes, Philip explores his career-long interest in the complex relationship between the urban form of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and its natural host–the Sonoran desert.

Michael Gilmore

Michael co-founded Weddle Gilmore Black Rock Studio black rock studio in 1999 with partner Philip Weddle. Michael’s expertise in architecture and design includes a comprehensive range of project scales from fixture and furniture design, to the design of flagship retail showrooms for major fashion brands, to the master planning of resort properties. The focus of his work has been on the creation of brand environments that honor site-specific contexts and heritage while working to reinforce, or even re-direct, the branding initiatives of his clientele. Michael connects his understanding of the complexities of global retail business with design to drive the growth of global retail brands.

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