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Our practice, Zoboki-Demeter and Associates Architects which has been established since 11 years, has grown to be one of the most important architects practices in the region regarding both the number and volume of investment projects.

Our clientele is also characterised by a duality, since both Hungarian developers and the most important governmental and municipal agencies are among our partners. The larger part of business developments have a foreign background, so our services in the majority of cases are provided in two languages, in co-operation with an international level technology and special engineering and consultant background.

Our firm is lucky also because the narrow architectural market has stimulated the continuously growing infrastructure of our office to undertake versatile activities. Our most important profile – within the range from office buildings, through industrial and residential buildings – is that of cultural investment projects. With the Palace of Arts in Budapest, an architects practice with a young average age has entered adulthood, and stepped in the international arena with the unique architectural, interior design, technology and organizational experience they have obtained.

We undertake our tasks in a complex way as a general design contractor, but we also carry out each individual, special task, that is, from the conceptual design phase and the creation of town-planning and real estate development programmes, through architectural and interior design until the co-ordination of the planning process and the supervision of the building work, so we provide the full scale of design tasks related to real estate development at high level.

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