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Wind Tower, Salmiya - Kuwait, AGi Architects

Wind Tower

photo © AGi Architects Understanding and reinterpreting local environmental techniques is one of the main targets of this design. The service’s core of the building is thus located on the southern wing, in order to minimize sun exposure and consequently reduce energy consumption – acting as a thermal barrier to […]

San Pablo Airport's Control Center, Seville - Spain, Cruz y Ortiz

San Pablo Airport’s Control Center

The design of San Pablo Airport’s Control Center presents a clear duality. On the one hand, the most specific functions, linked to the activity of the control centre and concentrated around the control rooms and equipment, and the corresponding logistics, resulted in a compact and autonomous building, capable of solving both […]

Marina and Fishing Point in Chipiona, Cádiz - Spain, Cruz y Ortiz

Marina and Fishing Point in Chipiona

This project includes a complex of buildings within the port that aims to gradually fulfill all the necessary services. As the main characteristic, it is necessary to refer to the use of a prefabricated material, the white concrete, which appears in all the complex and is guaranteeing a certain homogeneity […]

Emporium Santa Isabel, Belo Horizonte - Brazil, DAVID GUERRA ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR

Emporium Santa Isabel

The idea for Santa Isabel Emporium was to build a technological, contemporary architecture in a more effective way, referring to the tradition of the countryside and baroque style of Minas Gerais. The result is a building in metal structure, painted with automotive paint, clay textured concrete panels finishing, with accessibility […]

Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Complex, Macao - China, RMJM

Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Complex

RMJM won the competition for the iconic Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Complex with a design that tries to encapsulate the characteristics that make the city so unique: its relationship to its landscape, water front and romantic tradition. photo © RMJM The new Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Complex is a key […]

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore, RMJM

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Alexandra Hospital in Singapore, established in 1938, was renowned as one of the most modern hospitals in southeast Asia up through the 1970s. Today, RMJM’s design for the new 550-bed institution recreates the charm and ambiance of the pre-war facility while providing the highest level of staff efficiency in a […]

Becton Dickinson Campus Center, Paterson-New Jersey - United States, RMJM

Becton Dickinson Campus Center

Becton Dickinson selected RMJM Hillier for the design of their new 38,000-square-foot Campus Center. Located on Becton Dickinson’s corporate headquarters campus, the new building houses the cafeteria, café, company store and other retail amenities. photo © RMJM The sensitivity of the siting of the first buildings almost 20 years ago […]

Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville, Caen - France, OMA, BARCODE Architects

Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville

Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville is a public library for the metropolitan region Caen la Mer in Normandy, France. The 12,000 m2 multimedia library is located at the tip of the peninsula that extends out from the city of Caen to the English Channel. Its key position – between the city’s […]

National Museum in Szczecin, Szczecin - Poland, KWK Promes

National Museum in Szczecin

Before the WWII, Szczecin was a German city and location of our museum used to be an urban quarter. During the war, due to air raids, a quarter was destroyed. After the war, Szczecin became a Polish city, meanwhile, an empty square accidentally appeared in place of a former quarter. […]

Aura Segeros, Barcelona - Spain, picharchitects

Aura Seguros

This report is about the integral remodeling of Aura’s insurance company building, located in the urban center of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, inside the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The project main objectives are the integral remodeling of the current building in order to update and revitalize its image from the […]