Alviento Apartments

Alviento Apartments is a seven-apartment building constructed on a plot of land located on top of a mountain that overlooks the Bay of Puerto Marques in Acapulco, Mexico. The program required that each of the 250 sq. mt. apartments have a private terrace and pool. The client was to live in one of the apartments and sell the remaining six. He gave us “carte blanche” in the architectural design and decisions, with the only condition that the edifice took full advantage of the spectacular view.

Alviento Apartments, Acapulco, USA, BNKR

We conceived each apartment in a “miesian” box. Local height restrictions allowed a four-story-maximum development, so we stacked the boxes in two separate piles standing side by side. We then applied horizontal forces in opposite directions to “blend” the two piles and break the axis of symmetry. The boxes were then pushed backwards to create terraces for each apartment. The clients´ apartment was given a double height as a “hierarchic” gesture. Finally, the boxes were opened up frontally in their totality towards the view and perforated with small random windows on their other sides.

Contributed by BNKR Arquitectura

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