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Aylesbury Estate, London - United Kingdom, Hans Peter Trenton

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The Aylesbury Estate is a large housing estate located in Walworth, South East London.

The Aylesbury Estate contains 2,704 dwellings and was built between 1963 and 1977. There are approximately 7500 residents, spread over a number of different blocks and buildings. The estate is currently undergoing a major regeneration programme.

Aylesbury Estate, London - United Kingdom, Hans Peter TrentonMajor problems with the physical buildings on the estate and the poor perception of estates in Britain as a whole have led to the Aylesbury estate gaining the title of “one of the most notorious estates in the United Kingdom.”

The estate was designed by architect Hans Peter Trenton and construction started in 1963. Built on 285,000 square metres the estate was an attempt by planners to house some of London’s poorest families. The 2,700 dwellings were designed to house a population of roughly 10,000 residents, making it one of the largest public housing estates in Europe.

Aylesbury Estate, London - United Kingdom, Hans Peter TrentonThe area is now considered to be in the bottom category on the ACORN classification for inner city adversity, signifying an area of extremely high social disadvantage. Crime and the fear of crime is a major concern for residents. However, in the major headline grabbing incidents that have taken place on the estate, the perpetrators were not residents of the Aylesbury estate, but had found the architecture of the area conducive to carrying out their crimes. Designing out crime in the new buildings, is certainly a high priority for the Council and Creation Trust and the new development partner.

Aylesbury Estate, London - United Kingdom, Hans Peter TrentonThe regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate has been divided into several phases which will see the estate being re-built in 20 years. The indicative phasing plan states when tenants plan to be re-housed and when leasehold properties would be bought by Southwark Council however, this timetable is subject to a certain amount of flux, until the development partner is appointed and the more detailed scheduling of the work can begin, which will offer greater certainty to residents about when they will need to move.

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