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BBVA Continental – resulting from winning a architectural design contest, by invitation of the BBVA – was intended to refresh the outside look of the Bank’s headquarters complex to better reflect the Bank’s new outlook for the 21st century.

The proposal can be synthesized on two core ideas:

A.-   Re-direct the volumetric strength of the original core building  – originally headed South to North, and making it now to head towards the West where major accesses to the building complex are located; from  the main avenue  (Av.República de Panamá) for the local closer scale and towards the sea horizon, for the larger metropolitan Lima scale.

For that purpose, the volume of the elevators boxes were vertically enlarged, from the West front until making it gain a higher height , high enough to become a new metropolitan landmark.  A spire-like upon the slender volume completes the top composition to be distinguishable from afar in the city.

BBVA Continental Bank New Exterior Image, Lima, Peru, Javier Artadi

This new architectural volume, the highest in Lima city, is lighted up at night with the help of lighting design that emerged from the inception of the Project.

B.-   Open up the Bank complex to the city: For this purpose, each and every fences surrounding the front of the building –  either concrete and iron-made – were removed to allow for a smoother transit of people along the Bank’s open spaces and the public spaces.

Also for this purpose, a new access atrium was designed towards the interior’s squares and open spaces of the building complex;  on the corner of which a new water fountain was built; which besides working as a  doornail at that platform level, it becomes the second most noticeable landmark of the building complex, this time at pedestrian level.

BBVA Continental Bank New Exterior Image, Lima, Peru, Javier Artadi

The project for a renewed outside look of Banco BBVA Continental seeks to be consistent with the Bank’s enhanced presence in this new 21st century and with its constant search for a clear-cut strong image but ongoing serenity gained over the passage of time.

Contributed by Javier Artadi

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