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clip CitizenM

CitizenM Glasgow will be the third hotel to open in the citizenM family, and offers mobile citizens of the world affordable luxury in the heart of the city. The concept of the hotel is to cut out all hidden costs and remove all unnecessary items, in order to provide its guests a luxury feel for a budget price.

THE BUILDING – The facade
Robust granite natural stone form a 8 storey building. The height, mass and firm appearance of the building are in close harmony with the context. A red colour glazed, double height facade marks the entrance.

CitizenM, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Concrete Architectural Associates

THE BUILDING – The artworks
CitizenM wants to contribute also to it’s cultural environment. Two huge art works, printed on pvc mesh fabric are placed on the façade. In Glasgow, the artist Alex Dordoy expresses the open way of living of the mobile citizen in combination to the restless spirit of the city of Glasgow. citizenM wants to be a local rather then a stranger. The record grooves of ‘I belong to Glasgow’ now form the pattern of the huge steel gate on Hopestreet.

CitizenM, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Concrete Architectural Associates

THE LOBBY – The entrance
The ground floor houses commercial space with the entrance of the hotel on Renfrewstreet. Behind a red coloured glazed façade a double height space links the Street with the world of citizenM on the first floor. A huge red coloured helical stair and a sky of hanging lamps welcomes you.

THE LOBBY – The livingrooms
The public area of the first floor is divided in several living rooms. Our purpose is to create a home-environment, by designing working areas, dining areas and sitting areas in cooperation with Vitra.

CitizenM, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Concrete Architectural Associates

THE LOBBY – The canteenM
It is mainly self-service. A red service-bar forms the heart of the canteen and is on one side surrounded by a 20-meters long bookcase. This bookcase contains, besides racks with magazines, newspapers and merchandise, also refrigerated glass cases with drinks, sandwiches, salads, sushi, typical breakfast and other kind of snacks and meals as well as fresh bakery products. At night canteenM changes into a bar-area, parts of the bookcase are closed and different lighting scenes create an intimate atmosphere.

CitizenM, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Concrete Architectural Associates

All the citizenM guestrooms are constructed of site. This means the outside measurements are restricted to enable the transport to the building-site. Within these measurements the guestroom will be continually evaluated and improved for every hotel.
THE ROOM – The bed
The bed stands in front of a floor to ceiling, wall to wall window and is super-king size. It’s white bed-linen and pillows offer a lounge area to watch TV on the flat LCD screen.
THE ROOM – The bathroom
The wet-room, which contains rain- and hand-shower and the toilet lights up in any colour you want and become a signature element in the room.
THE ROOM – The mood pad
An electronic mood pad with touch-screen allows visitors to control the entire room, setting the mood of the room to their choice.

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January 1
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