Cuadra San Cristóbal

Construction year:
City: 11662

Cuadra San Cristóbal is part of the Los Cubles project, which also includes the Egerstrom House and the Fountain of Lovers and was developed for Folke Egerstrom family. It is located on the street Manantial East 20, Atizapan, a suburb of the Mexico City. The main characteristics in Louis Barragán’s works is the art of emotional architecture, someting that is obvious in Cuadra San Cristóbalrevealing the tendency of thearchitect to create spaces without any particular order, but full of emotion and poetics.

Cuadra San Cristóbal, Mexico City - Mexico, Luis BarragánThe symbolism can create spaces that do not exist elsewhere and the architectural synthesis of the symbols exposes fundamental questions of life that can be expressed through the water, the geometric abstraction and also the color planes. Pink pallette of colors are dedicated to the animals,  the horse and the more neutral pallette in the human.

Cuadra San Cristóbal, Mexico City - Mexico, Luis BarragánThe outer space between Cuadra San Cristóbal and the street is divided by a long wall as a border with a garden on the one side and the service wing to the other.

Cuadra San Cristóbal is a combination of experimental works in the international modern movement,
while also presenting the architectural elements of the ranchos and the haciendas of traditional Mexico exposing the oneiric projection, and a position concerning architectural culture.

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