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clip EXPO 2010-France Pavilion

French Pavilion

Named ‘the sensual city’ the French pavilion at shanghai expo 2010 designed by Jacques Ferrier architects is covered with a concrete trellis like structure, surrounded by water. Inside is a main courtyard with growing walls that lead to the green rooftop along with ponds and water fountains. Visitors can ascend to the rooftop via an escalator to view the courtyard below.

The walls of the square-shaped structure, which is made from a special concrete, are covered in plants and it looks like a white floating palace. Gardens are the centerpiece of the pavilion.

The structure as a whole is “wrapped into” a huge wire mesh that is made of a new type concrete material, while featuring the plant walls, and water pools internal and external.

Design of the pavilion embodies the kinetic effect and the concept of balance, with which a large amount of video projections, moving images, irregular outline borders, and reflected jumping waves are provided as background to make a living structure.

Contributed by ArchiTeam

January 1
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