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We started with the Project in 2010 when we decided to believe in the Singular Design of CUALTIS, and after having part also in the construction of their offices in Murcia. The old construction was a building with red bricks fronts and full of windows (128). How this is an administrative area, placed in one industrial zone in Madrid and we thought to risk with the Final Design.

Headquarters Cualtis, Madrid - Spain, DENORTEphoto © David Frutos

The building is far from the most transitables places, so we needed to move it to a first line. To make it easy to recognize the construction among others near from there.

We began with the idea of the trapezoidal volume and the height (5 floors) of the ground and decided to cover all with a second structure, also called skin. Projecting shadows, that make lower Interior solar charge of different departments. That way, we easily differentiate ground floor between the others, changing colour and use of the others external structures (skins).

Headquarters Cualtis, Madrid - Spain, DENORTEphoto © David Frutos

After covering with the skins, we selected some pieces with big spaces, separated 15 cm from the main structure. Both pieces are made of the same material, respecting the essence of the manufacturing process. With that will be reach the sensation of being a natural and continuous texture and plot but not a repetitive view. Also, the plot will be over the highest point of the building, allowing to see clearly the sky through the big spaces. Then we get a lighter, etereo and more trivial building.

Headquarters Cualtis, Madrid - Spain, DENORTEphoto © David Frutos

When we have generated the whole of the building, with a mat white double skin on his four fronts. That space will be used like an enormous and irregular canvas, expecting the intervention of the artist SUSO33.

Thinking about 2010, when Spain went into a big crisis, damaging the special construction area. It lets a lot of unfinished projects, only the structure was up. Then properties decided to order some artists to decorate these spaces with big pictures making a cleaner and smarter place.

Headquarters Cualtis, Madrid - Spain, DENORTEphoto © David Frutos

Urban artist SUSO33, has acted over the derelics or demolished spaces, that we call “absenses”. Life had been on these walls time ago.

That is the reason why we decided to believe in him for that project from the begin.
Define the four fronts of the building like a naked canvas.
Absense changes to presence, making the building more personal.

Contributed by DENORTE

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