House in the Costa Brava

House in the Costa Brava, Girona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

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Architect(s): House in the Costa Brava
City/Town: House in the Costa Brava

This project is a detached family house on the seafront, overlooking a beach noted for its dunes and unspoiled appearance and enjoying spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The house has an extensive program built on two floors around an inner courtyard that provides natural light and ventilation for the rooms that overlook it, while at the same time creating views of other rooms on both floors. This courtyard is thus the central feature of the architectural design. The staircase connecting the two floors runs parallel to this patio. On the ground floor, the courtyard is accessible from the adjoining rooms, thereby extending them.

House in the Costa Brava, Girona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitecturaphoto © José Hevia

The inclusion of porches in certain parts of the home provides protection against the sun and the strong winds that blow in from the north. One of the two porches incorporates a bench around a central fireplace to spend long moments of rest and tranquility across from the pool. Both porches are crowned above by two open terraces on the first floor. The house is fully opened to the front garden and the sea by incorporating large glass surfaces on the ground floor, and placing a projecting opening in the first floor that frames the landscape from the interior. In the rest of facades, the house is seen more hermetic, isolated from the neighbours to ensure its privacy. It has been built with local materials and in keeping with the vernacular tradition of the area.

Contributed by Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

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