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clip Jianwai SOHO

  • Address: East Third Ring Road 37, BEIJING, China
  • Latitude: 39.9046
  • Longitude: 116.453

Jianwai SOHO is located at 39 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (opposite the China World Trade Center). The buildings have a total gross floor area of 700,000 sq m including 20 high rise towers and four villas on a site of 169,000 sq m . There are 20 rooftop gardens and 16 pedestrian lanes.

Jianwai SOHO, Beijing - China, Riken YamamotoThere are several hundred stores at Jianwai SOHO, including Starbucks Flagship Store, Tongrentang Flagship Store, Yuxiang Renjia Flagship Restaurant, Dong Tian Image Styling, Markor Furnishings, Ajisen Ramen, Wendy Wu Restaurant and many other stylish boutiques. These shops, along with the several hundred companies that have moved in or signed leases, have turned Jianwai SOHO into one of the busiest urban centers integrating residential areas, offices, recreation facilities and retail outlets. An increasing number of commercial, cultural, and fashion events have taken place at Jianwai SOHO. At the Jianwai SOHO Summer Carnival, which runs for four months each year, pop stars, poets, artists and writers present concerts, poetry recitals, street displays and theme salons to audiences who come in large numbers from all over the city. Fashion shows of famous brands have also been held here.

Jianwai SOHO, Beijing - China, Riken YamamotoEach year, Jianwai SOHO plays host to over 40 events of various types introducing not only a new style of housing, but also a new way of living.

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January 1

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