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clip Kindergarden Barbapapa

  • Project Name: Kindergarden Barbapapa
  • Construction year: 2009
  • Architect(s): CCDSTUDIO
  • Project Category:
  • Address: Via Don Pellegrini 12, Comune di Vignola, MODENA, Italy
  • Latitude: 44.48329
  • Longitude: 10.99593

The project of Kindergarten ‘Barbapapà’ was designed to a notice competition for project financing, in 2006, proposed by Vignola’s municipality. The program consisted in the space for 60 children divided in four classroom. The area is located on the border of urban development, on the hill up the city, not so much far to the historical centre. The natural environment induced specific assessments to preserve this atypical part of the landscape in the Emilia Romagna’s region. The project aimed to be an architectural expression of mature consciousness about the sustainable themes. This value was found in the all possible relationships with surroundings. The architectural project start to this point and express this principal theme in all his part, to transmit the sustainable value to all his young guests. A summary is proposed in the next points: Reduce the impact of the volume. A green vegetable plan was raised from the ground to accept below it, the protected spaces for the children.

Contributed by CCDSTUDIO


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