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clip Leicester University Engineering Building

Leicester University Engineering Building is known as second best building in Leicester after The National Space Centre. The building stands out from the others because of its architectural style among the other University’s buildings.

Leicester University Engineering Building, Leicester - United Kingdom,James Stirling, James GowanThe building was designated a Class II* Listed Building by the Department of National Heritage in 1993. It was one of Stirling’s earlier works in collaboration with James Gowan. It is noted for its technological and geometric character, marked by the use of three-dimensional drawings based on axonometric projection seen either from above (in a bird’s eye view) or below (in a worm’s eye view). The project brought Stirling to a global audience.

Leicester University Engineering Building is designed and constructed between 1959 and 1963 and it was admired both nationally and internationally and it is mentioned in many books as a landmark of the Campus.

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October 14

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