Movie Star Cinemas – Pantheon Plaza

Cinema is a kind of a journey, a time travel into space, in different countries sites and locations. It’s a unique experience that creates feelings of agony ,anxiety and enthusiasm. Suddenly in the dark room all admissions collapse and the viewer becomes part of a dream, a super hero, a serial killer e.t.c. Nothing has to do with style on cinema design. It’s all about creating experiences. That is what we had in mind when we designed this three cinema multiplex in Pantheon plaza shopping Center, in Larissa. Light, different colors, columns falling from the roof, organic shapped doors are some of the ideas we used in this project. A mixture of Fantasy and Reality just like a movie.

Movie Star Cinemas - Pantheon Plaza, Larissa, Office 25 Architects

The cinema complex consists of three auditoria, the blue, the red and the green one, which can host an audience of about 500. Entering the cinema, there is a smooth transition from the reception point and the illuminated ticket box, through the foyer and the viewing rooms; the viewer’s trip embraces the colors and shapes that you find when entering the red gate all the way through the blue light to the cinema hall.

Contributed by Office 25 Architects

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