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The Newseum is an interactive museum of news and journalism located at 555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. The seven-level, 23,000 m2 museum features 15 theaters and 15 galleries. The Newseum’s Berlin Wall Gallery includes the largest display of sections of the Berlin Wall outside of Germany.

In 2000, Freedom Forum decided to move the Newseum from its location in Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River to downtown Washington, D.C. The original Newseum was closed on March 3, 2002. To allow its staff to concentrate on building the new, larger museum. The new museum, built at a cost of $450 million, opened its doors to the public on April 11, 2008.

Newseum, Washington - United States, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Ennead ArchitectsAfter obtaining a landmark location at Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street NW, the former site of National Hotel, the Newseum board selected noted exhibit designer Ralph Appelbaum, who had designed the original Newseum in Arlington, Virginia, and architect James Stewart Polshek, who designed the Rose Center for Earth and Space with Todd Schliemann at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, to work on the new project.

This design team had the following goals:

To design a building that would be an architectural icon, easily recognized and remembered by visitors from around the world;
To create a museum space three times as large as the original, with the capacity for more than two million visitors a year; and
To celebrate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution — in particular, its freedom of the press and freedom of speech protections.

Newseum, Washington - United States, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Ennead ArchitectsThe 60,000 m² Newseum includes a 27 m high atrium, seven levels of displays, 15 theaters, a dozen major galleries, many more smaller exhibits, two broadcast studios, and an expanded interactive newsroom. The structural engineer for this project was Leslie E. Robertson Associates.

The building features an oval, 500-seat “Forum” theater; approximately 14,000 m² gross of housing facing Sixth and C streets; 7,000 m² of office space for the staff of the Newseum and Freedom Forum; and more than 1,000 m² of conference center space on two levels located directly above the Newseum Atrium. The building is also known for the largest and tallest hydraulic passenger elevators in the world, with a capacity of 18,000 pounds capable of carrying up to 72 passengers when fully loaded, and a travel distance of 100 feet that covers 7 floors. A curving glass memorial to slain journalists is located above the ground floor.

Showcase environments throughout the museum are climate controlled by four microclimate control devices. These units provide a flow of humidified air to the cases through a system of distribution pipes.

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