Parque Novo Santo Amaro V

Parque Novo Santo Amaro V, São Paulo - Brazil, Vigliecca & Associados

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Architect(s): Parque Novo Santo Amaro V
City/Town: Parque Novo Santo Amaro V

The Parque Novo Santo Amaro not only creates housing for families that lived in a precarious way on risky areas with the fear of floods and collapses, it also brings urban improvement for the community, located in an area of springs in the south of São Paulo, the largest city of Latin America.

Instead of creating a new reality to the place, the project interferes in the urban landscape, valuing their resources. The green area, which had been extinct due to the irregular occupation, has been recovered through a linear park – a central axis that structures the interventions. Along the park, attraction points stimulates the residents’ circulation and make them with more identity for the place, as playground, skate parks and soccer field, besides the presence of the club and the school.

Parque Novo Santo Amaro V, São Paulo - Brazil, Vigliecca & AssociadosTo have access to the school, the children had to cross a polluted stream or to walk around the block. The project created connection bridges among the existent centers. The buildings of five to seven floors – that hold 200 habitational units of several typologies, as two-floors apartments with two or three bedrooms and options adapted for physically deficient – they don’t prevent the pedestrians’ flow since they have semi-public circulation.

The stream, where the sewer spilled, was tunneled and covered by a street. Water mirrors were created to preserve the residents’ identity with the environment in that people of great hydric wealth lived. Today, the area is supplied with water of several sources that were recovered.

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