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clip Qingpu Pedestrian Bridge

  • Project Name: Qingpu Pedestrian Bridge
  • Construction year: 2008
  • Architect(s): CA-Group
  • Project Category:
  • Address: Plot-18, Qingpu District, SHANGHAI, China
  • Latitude: 31.1442
  • Longitude: 121.117

Recently completed in the Qingpu district of Shanghai, this elegant pedestrian bridge is the work of CA-GROUP, an international architecture and urban planning collaborative triangulated between China, Spain, and Japan. The sharp eyes of the Design Milk people caught this one, and were rightly intrigued. Drawing on China’s long bridge-building history, the designers recognized that “the bridge should provide for a dedicated space on the river, a room over the water, more than merely acting as an engineering device that solves a communication problem.”

Qingpu Pedestrian Bridge , SHANGHAI - China, CA-DESIGNWhether its the view of the water, the feeling of passing to the other shore, or just the absence of police cars, pedestrian bridges so often become thriving veins of social activity. If you’re in Nashville, just walk or ride over the old train bridge that connects East Nashville to downtown. This is the kind of magic that what will likely happen if this Poughkeepsie, New York bridge is dedicated to the walkers. CA-DESIGN had this sort of use in mind, and integrated lighting to keep the bridge space well illuminated at night. From what we can see, the steel frame was prefabricated off-site, then lowered into position by crane; after which the wooden skin was applied.

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January 1

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