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clip Stajner House

  • Project Name: Stajner House
  • Construction year: 2000
  • Architect(s):
  • Project Category:

Stajner House was built on a field on the outskirts of a suburban village of Prague, without any context to the surroundings, as a colonial living unit. The house is strictly oriented to the south. It was built in the minimum allowed distance from the western, northern and eastern site boundaries, so maximum of the southern part of the land could be used as a garden. The garden was set up to create the necessary microclimate while building the house.

Stajner House, Prague - Czech Republic, d u m architektiStajner House is completely utilitarian. The load-bearing structure is made from cast reinforced concrete, bare from the inside, isolated with a standard insulation system with thin-layer plaster from the outside. The concrete structure allows to use accumulation in a maximum way, so the house can run without energy-intensive technological facilities, without the risk of overheating the interior.

Contributed by d u m architekti

January 1

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