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clip Tapas Bar 4 Latas

  • Address: Carrer Londres, 99, BARCELONA, Spain
  • Latitude: 41.39323
  • Longitude: 2.15026

The main idea of this bar concept is that the customer can enjoy a gastronomic experience where drinking, eating and sharing are interlaced: a place where you really do not share a single table, but share most tables and bars, fostering socialization related to food and drink.

For this, an edge bar that paths throughout the bar is projected,also disposing high tables arbitrarily placed in the central space of the bar, so that during the stay at the bar people can alternate periods of time in which you are sitting, with moments in which you are standing.

Tapas Bar 4 Latas, Barcelona -  Spain, Pepe Gascón ArquitecturaWe pretend to find a direct relationship between the exterior and interior of the bar creating a covered preentry as an outdoor patio, also having large guillotine opening windowsthroughout its facade. We believe this solution will attract people to enter the bar, while enhancing the concept of the bar.

Tapas Bar 4 Latas, Barcelona -  Spain, Pepe Gascón ArquitecturaAll project decisions, and the materialization itself are related to canning, bottling and recipients related to the preserving itself, as for this, cans, glass jars , and a varied selection of solutions in galvanized steel, taking uses as the bars illumination, glass shelves, the metal mesh as ceiling finishing, the vertical garden in the entrance hall, etc…

Our intervention also is made extensive to the design of the corporate image of the bar, as well as to the merchandising.

Contributed by Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

November 14

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