The Hollywood

The Hollywood, Los Angeles - United States, Kanner Architects

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Architect(s): The Hollywood
City/Town: The Hollywood

The Hollywood is something of a pioneering project in Los Angeles that, while emerging from years of civic indifference, remains a bit rough around the fringes. This multifamily residential contains a courtyard condominium development announces the arrival of modern urban living to complement the entertainment, hospitality and retail revival under way in Hollywood. Luxurious is what it can be called.

The Hollywood, Los Angeles - United States, Kanner ArchitectsThe project costs $15 million and is the first for-sale condominium building in this part of the town, which is populated mostly by rental properties. High-end contemporary forms tempered by the warm hues of a wood-composite exterior gives great Modernist façade features. The top level features double-height penthouses with mezzanines. The first four levels are comprised of flats. Inside, 17-foot ceilings create spacious living environments punctuated by high-end minimalist design. Two levels of subterranean parking accommodate 135 vehicles.

The Hollywood, Los Angeles - United States, Kanner ArchitectsEach unit in the u-shaped building is distinguished by unique balconies and windows that give residents a sense of place and the pleasure of outdoor living in an urban neighborhood creating a heart of community in the whole building complex. Interior units and the central corridor open to a courtyard and its lap pool. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide generous views from every unit. Views focus on the Hollywood Hills to the north and the bustling Hollywood street scene to the east, south and west.

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