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Total Projects in the city of andros: 1





Andros is an island with unique architecture. The form of housing, from the ancient times still , fixed the abundant building material that existed on the island, namely shale volumes , which are plentiful in Andriotiki earth and timber also abounds.

The Andros home , then, ever built with stone and the roof is made of wooden logs covered with slate and top layer with a special soil annually filled and compacted with a special cylindrical stone ( ball ) to be compact.

Depending on the season lodges serve the purposes of the owners. The era of piracy has left the large , three-storey usually buildings with no windows down and narrow windows , like turrets , tall and entrance from the second floor with a ladder . Is the famous chateaus. Besides important is the provision of housing in the country , with exterior walls play a role defensive wall with gates side - to - PARAPORTI leading to coves , the two bays and large a gate which leads to the interior of the island.

The peaceful anymore historical periods, the Andros home built with the needs of the family, is oriented south to be protected from strong winds , always accompanied by arbor - anentrada - and outdoor kitchen for summer and of course a fireplace and a separate room where there is winepress , the space where the pig and warehouse.

With the same stone and abundant also of marble , the Andriot craftsman decorates the entire island. Mixers, anothyra , cisterns , dovecotes , chapels , are works of art. The countryside of the island " marked " by thousands of kilometers of dry stone , very beautiful with features intervals to decorate the. Sloping soils retain the soil with buildings of stone walls , the U.S. ( terraces ).

Featured Projects

  • Project Name: Summer House on Andros Island
  • Construction year: 2003
  • Architect(s): Agnes Couvelas
  • Project Category:
  • Address: Gavrio bay, ANDROS, Greece
  • Latitude: 37.8789
  • Longitude: 24.7247